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In medical terms, "Winter Depression" is a Seasonal Affective Disorder.

People staying in colder areas away from the equator are most likely to be affected by this syndrome. Since it is a type of mental depression, it can be treated normally using medications, professional counselling, healthy living and exposure to light.
It is estimated that almost 50% of the population in North America suffers from winter depression. Lack of sunlight is the primary cause of this type of depression.  Symptoms include increased appetite, increased sleeping hours, irritability, anxiety, lethargy and general lack of interest.  The symptoms start to manifest in fall, peak in winter and subside by spring.
Easy-to-follow tips
• Follow a daily routine of sleeping, eating and exercising on time. Keep some spare time to pursue a hobby like reading or painting.
• Go for a vacation. Choose a tropical destination and take a week off from regular routine to avoid winter depression. Natural sunlight suppresses the hormone causing winter depression.  Hence, try to spend as much time in the sun as possible.
• Postpone challenging jobs till after winter. This will ensure that you take on only limited responsibilities and fulfil them during the winter months. The more complex ones that require some degree of planning and execution can be done when one is feeling better.   
• Invest in some good quality grow bulbs. These bulbs are used in plant nurseries to provide artificial light to indoor plants and have a light spectrum closest to natural sunlight. Spend some time daily in this light in the morning as it is known to be of immense help in maintaining a good physical and mental balance. Besides, it will also keep you energetic throughout the day.  
• Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water to keep your body nourished and healthy.
It is a known fact that winter depression miraculously goes away without any kind of treatment as soon as spring sets in but why wait till you are overweight, overburdened and your personal liferuns in a mess. If you follow the above mentioned simple measures, you can effortlessly sail through the winter months. Why crib and stay indoors with a glum look while you can enjoy the snow and hot chocolate?


Unlike Delhi, finding good restaurants in Ghaziabad district is like finding a needle in a haystack. Leaving aside a few, there are hardly some that gratify real foodies. 
When an acquaintance of mine named Mocking Bird in Kaushambi before me, I casted doubt and squeezed eyebrows. However, on his insistence I agreed to visit the restaurant. On reaching the entrance I was greeted by well-behaved staff who escorted me to the place where I was supposed to dine. I personally liked this gesture. 
The dining space was huge with comfortable couches and chairs. Some Tibetan letters were scribbled on the walls which read as mocking bird. The spaciousness of the restaurant raised my expectations to newer heights. I noticed a separate wide section across the dinning space and asked the reason for the same. The staff revealed that the separate section is specifically designed for live performances which can be on demand as well. Near one of the walls of this separate section, a DJ was preparing song tracks for some party that was to be organised that evening.   After placing my order from a thick menu, I went to check the bar. Although the bar décor was nothing unusual, the hardly heard brands of liquor were really eye-catchy. Names of many international brands were difficult to pronounce. The bar manager explained me the sparkling wines and the food that should go with them. Trust me, the cocktails' fusion made here were really alluring. 
Exquisitely garnished Murg Cheese Cream, Paneer Tikka and Chilly Chicken were served to us. The sumptuous taste of Murg Cheese Cream was going down to my heart from my tongue. The staff suggested us Namak Mandi Chicken Tikka and we ordered it too to taste. The taste was literally overwhelming. As the clock struck 21:00 we recalled that we had an important event to attend and concluded our exploration of this two months old restaurant. 
Mocking Bird is undoubtedly a good restaurant in Ghaziabad. However, the tardiness of the staff can make you starve if you are really hungry. This is something this restaurant has to look into.   

Meal for two: Between `700 to `800
Capacity: 120 seater
Upcoming festivals: Italian food festival in the coming months
Location: Inside Angel Mall near Dabur corporate office. 
Timing: 12pm to 11.30 pm.



Want to learn how to tackle chain snatchers? Come to Vaishali Sector 5 to know it.

Residents of the area especially women are learning self-defence techniques to prepare themselves to give a hard blow to such miscreants. Under the guidance of VP Sharma, co-chairman, Federation of Ghaziabad RWAs, the RWA of Sector 5 has planned a programme wherein with the help of police, the residents will be trained. "For a long time, chain snatching incidents have been occurring repeatedly in this area. Every other day, we hear about some or the other incident. Police and security guards act after the thieves flee. This made us prepare a programme wherein we can train the common people to tackle with such criminals," explained VP Sharma.

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Metro services disrupted for an hour in Ghaziabad

The train services between Vaishali and Kaushambi stations of Delhi Metro remained disrupted for about an hour on Tuesday, following over-head electrification (OHE) maintenance on line 4 of the Metro network in Ghaziabad. The services of trains were affected between 11.15 am to 12.15am.

“It was around 10 am when this maintenance work was decided to be undertaken and thereafter passengers were informed. For the ease of passengers, we deployed feeder buses  and ferried around 895 passengers free of cost to avoid inconvenience,” a DMRC spokesperson said.

However, the passengers complained inconvenience due to the maintenance work. “Any maintenance measures should be undertaken during late hours and passengers should be informed well in advance,” said a passenger.



Residents of Indirapuram are Shocked and disheartened as they unearthed a huge scam on irregularities in the voter’s list of Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam elections. now it is to be seen whether faith in fair election process can be reinstated as the matter is under investigation. More than 800 names in the voters list of Ward No. 49, Makanpur, have been repeated several times. Besides, the names of several residents from more than 90 societies have been missing from the list. Earlier, residents thought it was just a printing mistake, but then the reality came to light.

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Ghaziabad- world’s 2nd fastest growing city

Excessive urbanisation due to fast paced development and improvement in the basic infrastructure has catapulted several Indian cities to the list of top 100 fastest-growing cites in the world.

According to a report published in a leading daily on Thursday, Ghaziabad is among three Indian cities, which have leapfrogged to secure a place in the top-ten list of the most- developing cities in the world.

Apart from this, another 22 Indian cities figure prominently in the top 100 cities list giving a tough competition to booming towns in China. The top 100 cities list, which has been prepared by City Mayors, a global think-tank that studies urban affairs to promote good governance, ranks Ghaziabad on the second spot followed by Surat on the fourth and Faridabad on the eighth slots respectively.

The list prepared by the City Mayors' is based on past growth and forecasts by international and national statistics organizations for the fastest-growing cities and urban areas between 2006 and 2020. The study breaks the popular myth that world’s most populous cities are in China and also shifts the spotlight on a surprising list of urban areas spanning the Middle East to Mali

Several Indian cities like Nashik, Patna, Rajkot and Jaipur figure in the top 25 cities list and, according to the City Mayors', they will be most densely populated by 2020. National capital Delhi occupies the 28th position and Bangalore ranks at the 67th place in the list

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Currently running offers @ Shipra Mall Ghaziabad

Seasonal Sales, Discount Offers at Shipra Mall Ghaziabad

Offer Description : Currently running offers @ Shipra Mall Ghaziabad

Shipra Mall, a project of the Shirpa Group, is located in Ghaziabad and presents a melange of over 100 domestic as well as International brands under a single roof. It combines shopping, entertainment and leisure with its 3-screen multiplex called Just About Movies (JAM), the Kids Zone, Food Court and Amphitheatre. It showcases ancient Roman architecture and ensures that the shopping experience meets International standards as well. It has a parking space for over 1000 vehicles at a time. Some of the retail outlets at Shirpa Mall include Shoppers Stop, Globus, Food Bazaar, Fashion Station etc. The mall has twin atriums resulting in greater space and flow of customers. It is one of the most entertaining shopping malls in the city and a pleasure for brand lovers.


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Mom feeds poison dinner to daughters, kills self

An engineer's wife killed her two daughters before committing suicide in Ghaziabad on Tuesday morning.


Sunita Devi, 46, mixed poison in the dinner which she and her daughters - Preeti, 24, and Prerna, 18 - had on Monday evening. Sunita was a housewife. Her husband Rakesh Upadhyay works as an electrical engineer in Bhushan Steels at Sahibabad.

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