About Us

Company Overview

Founded in 2010 InVaVa.Com is an online portal for Indirapuram, Vasundhara and Vaishali Area of City Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Our company is helping consumers of the area to connect with the shopkeepers. We are riding the digital wave of e-commerce created by easy access to internet, mobile phones, and digital lifestyle of modern Indians.

What We Do for Consumers of Indirapuram, Vasundhara & Vaishali

  1. Help them identify the shops near them.
  2. Help them identify the products in their shops.
  3. Create a Local community of buyers and sellers.

What We Do for Shopkeepers  of Indirapuram, Vasundhara & Vaishali

  1. Help them showcase their products to a wider local audience.
  2. Educate them on Digital Business.
  3. Help them compete with National and International e-Commerce Companies.
What We Do for Society
  1.  Create Local Job Opportunities
  2. Strengthen the Local Economy
  3. Participate in Community Development Programs